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A project started to promote positive messages and good mental health through:

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"Everyone has a Story"

Every person in the world has their own unique experiences, challenges, and moments of success. 

"This Way Out" collects those stories to share with the community as a resource for people looking for inspiration, motivation, and most importantly hope.

What makes us special as individuals, makes us stronger as a group. 

Click here           to visit the "This Way Out" YouTube channel to see every interview and much more!

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Blogs & Feature Articles

Like most, I have experienced a multitude of ups and downs, challenges and accomplishments, successes and failures.  

Life has taught me several hard lessons over the years.  On this page, I'll share some of those lessons with anyone willing to take a few minutes to read about them.

In addition, I'll share a few feature stories about people who have experienced and overcome their own challenges and how they turned their adversity into positive progress for themselves and the people of their communities.


"This Way Out" Podcast

The "This Way Out" Podcast is another avenue for sharing the life lessons learned over the years, and most importantly for sharing words of encouragement, advice, and hope.

Also included on the podcast are the audio versions of each interview conducted since the project's inception.

Click the link in the menu to find the latest episodes, or subscribe to the podcast on Spotify, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Google Podcasts, or Castbox.

Social Media

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In order to shift the negativity that exists on social media today, and to act as a beacon in dark places, "This Way Out" has a presence on as many platforms as possible.


Right now that is the only goal. To exist as a resource for anyone looking for positive support, motivation, and/or inspiration.

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