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Build a Fort

It’s been a beautiful last couple of days out here in Charleston, South Carolina!

The sun’s been out, the birds are chirping, and at night all the critters, the frogs and crickets and such, have been in full voice. I’m a fan of those night time critter sounds. I love ‘em!

I’m in a good mood, people! How ‘bout you?

I’m sure it might not be a whole lot of fun right now with all the quarantine stuff, but you know what, it won’t last forever. It can’t last forever.

My advice? Take advantage of your families while you have them there with you. AND...OR… Get on your technology and click, click, click away with nary a concern of judgment nor repercussion. There are tons of streaming services on the internet and they have nearly countless options available in both movies and t.v. series for you to watch.

It’s paradise! Get to binging...Guilt Free!

I know, I know.

Some of you, good people are busy bodies, and you just gotta stay busy. And that’s ok. Most of you poor guys are probably bored out of your minds. Here’s a few suggestions you might be willing to try while you have a little extra time on your hands..

How about learning how to play an instrument like the guitar, or something like that. Student guitars can be found online for fairly cheap, and some of them come with little lesson manuals. Guitars are a great way to kill time. You learn how to pluck out a song here and there, learn to play a few simple chords, work on your timing a little, start singing along. Bam! You got yourself a new little hobby. So much fun, trust me! I encourage you to give it a shot!

Jigsaw puzzles can be fun. Not exactly for the person who has trouble sitting still for long periods of time, but still they can be a lot of fun. It’s one of my wife’s favorite ways of spending her time. She’s always been big into jigsaw puzzles and she’s really enjoying the newly acquired downtime..

If you have little kids, make the most of the time you have them while they’re small. Get into their little heads and figure out what makes them tick. What are their interests? Believe it or not, they have them. If their real small, colorful things, noisy things, flashy things are all good ways to entertain them and have fun.

If their toddler types, build yourself a fort. OH, KIDS LOVE A GOOD FORT!

Gather up the furniture, grab some blankets and toss them over the top. If you got some empty cardboard boxes lying around, maybe you can incorporate them into the structure, if possible. Trust me when I tell ya! So much fun!

Speaking of kids, take advantage of your kiddos while they’re tiny. Those are the days that you’ll think about the most as they get older. You’ll say things like, “Wow, I remember when you were only this big,” or you might remember how it felt when they called you mommy or daddy for the first time. Or when they got their first booboo, or first started going to school.

Appreciate the moments you have with your kids while their still kids because it doesn’t last. They eventually grow up and start their own adventures.

Which that’s ok, too, right? I mean we all love our kiddos, but they do have to eventually start seeing their way around the world on their own. But I digress. We’ll save that blog for another day. While they’re small, though. You gotta make the most of it..

You know what, now that I’m thinking about it. Even if you don’t have kids. Why don’t you go ahead and make you a fort, anyway? I bet you’ll get a big ‘ol kick out of it, and maybe have a little fun yourself.

YEAH! Build you a fort, take your phone, mobile device, laptop, or whatever, order a pizza and watch some old t.v. shows you enjoyed watching when you were a kid. That actually sounds pretty awesome! I just might do that myself.

Here’s the point. What we’re going through right now is not the end of the world. Just do what you’re supposed to, stay out of the public for awhile, wash your hands, practice good coughing and sneezing etiquette, and we should all be good.

Not to take away from the seriousness of the pandemic, but if I could, I’d like to offer a tiny bit of perspective here. Which is that, yes, there’s this grody, yucky, dangerous virus making its way around the world, but our defense against it is very easy. Stay indoors, wash your hands, maintain social distancing, and so on, we’ve all heard it. Very easy. And you know what else is just as cool?

It’s the 21st century and technology is through the roof interesting! We can stay in touch with our families easier with computers AND cell phones. Video games are better than they’ve ever been, if you’re into that sort of thing. And T.V, movies, and streaming services are just a click away and there’s almost endless content..

But Wait! There’s More!

It’s still a good time to go for a walk and get some fresh air and sun. Within proper social parameters, of course. But the opportunity still exists to be able to take advantage of the outdoors should you need some time out of the house while under quarantine. Just be smart about it. Gardening, landscaping, heck just sitting in the sun is a better option than most, I think.

Deepest condolences to those who could be reading this and who might have already experienced the loss of loved because of this virus. I don’t mean to offend anyone by trying to make light of the current state affairs. It’s my nature to try and find the positive in even the worst tragedies. Trust me, it annoys a lot of people. It’s just who I am. How I was raised.


Learn to play an instrument, complete a puzzle. Oh you know what?! Crocheting! That’s actually a lot of fun!

Call your folks, play with your kids. Make a Fort! Yes, Yes, YES! Make a FORT!

I’m gonna do that myself as soon as I get done here. You can bet on that.

Let’s make the most of the downtime we have and try to at least have a little fun. Let’s reconnect with ourselves and cement connections, or reconnect, with loved ones we haven’t seen or spoken to in awhile. This is a fantastic time for all of that.

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