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In the mean time... (Purpose)

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

I’ve never really been one to shy away from conversation. Some call it “having a gift for gab,” but it can also be somewhat of a curse. Especially when you encounter someone who is private and not interested in conversation. Some people aren't talkers, and I respect that.

Either way, my "gift" has provided me with the opportunity to be apart of some pretty diverse social circles and I take pride in knowing that I am acquainted with and have friends of all types. People of different religious beliefs, social and economic backgrounds, cultural backgrounds, gender, sexual preference, and so on.

ANYWAY! Why is all that information relevant? Because over all the years, and in all my encounters, with the assorted individuals across the spectrum of diverse properties that make-up who those people are inside and out, there is one question that everyone asks themselves at some point.

Q: What is my Purpose in Life?

Magic 8-balll Answer: Unknown at this Time. Ask again in 20 years.

It’s probably one of the most frustrating questions we’ll ever be faced with. And the reality is, yes, your life’s purpose may not reveal itself until you’re old and grey. So, what do you do in the meantime?

Well, if you’re the kind of person who needs your life to have meaning and purpose, my advice is to take action. Do not allow yourself to become stagnant because, more than likely, your mental health won’t be able to handle it.

Find something, anything, to commit yourself to, and try and become great at it. Notice I did not say “good.” Be “grrrrreeeaat!” [Tony the Tiger reference]. Here’s why?

Experience tells me that individuals looking for purpose typically have various interests and/or hobbies. Your purpose lies within those interests. It may not be obvious at first, but it’s in there somewhere. You need only to apply yourself and gather some experience.

I understand there are some of you whose interests and curiosities number in the thousands, and for you guys and gals, I don’t have much advice to offer, what I can recommend is to start with the things that speak to you most. If you can’t decide then, the one that speaks to you first. If you still can’t decide, try drawing from a hat, throwing darts at a board, or roll some dice. What’s important is to be decisive, and not waste time overthinking something where there are no wrong answers. “Fortune favors the Bold.”

Quitting is easy, so it doesn’t fit into the equation of your success or purpose. You will more than likely face some criticism from people you admire with regard to the individual goals you’re trying to accomplish, and might also experience some self-doubt as to whether, or not, the way you are spending your time is worth the trouble. In reality, no one can answer that for you. When these moments do come about, what I recommend is trying to tap into that initial feeling of inspiration that put you on this path in the first place. Try and remember the "why"and remind yourself that this is part of a bigger plan for your life.

You don’t see it now, but the work you put in now, whatever it is, will pay off in the future. That’s why it’s important to start gathering experience in the different things you find interesting, or you have always wanted to know how to do. Just because the meaning of life, your life, is not obvious now, that experience will play an important role in the bigger picture, once it does finally reveal itself.

So, what are you waiting for? Get moving, get started, and good luck!

You’re going to do GRREEEAAATTT!!!

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