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Spilled Coffee

This story was shared with me in a class I’m attending and I thought it would be worth passing along to those who read this blog. The story may be a little tough to follow at first, but bare with me. It will all make sense in the end. I hope.

Imagine. You’re walking around with a fresh cup of coffee, and someone comes by and bumps you in the arm. Unfortunately, you spill coffee all over the floor. Now, why did you spill coffee on the floor?

More than likely you answered, “because someone bumped into me.” However, I’m going to ask that you ponder this question from a slightly different angle.

You spilled coffee because coffee is what was in the cup. It could have been tea, soda, water, etc. The point is, you chose what to fill the cup with, and when it was jolted hard enough, that’s what spilled out.

Such is life. What happens when life comes at your hard? When nothing seems to be working out as you planned them, or when the unexpected occurs, and your stress levels begin the rise. How do you behave?

Do you act out in anger? Do you target someone close to you and yell, or scream at them? Do you physically act out against someone or something? What’s happening is that life just bumped your arm, and what was in your cup, is now spilling out.

It’s important to remember to make an effort to constantly be working on yourself. Surround yourself with positive energies, good attitudes, good people, and meaningful work. Be mindful of your mental and physical wellness and be vigilant about ensuring that both are in good shape.

Because, as we all know, the trials of life eventually show up and if you are not ready, then what could spill out of you could be dangerous and toxic to yourself and others. Untreated or neglected anger and anxiety are probably the two most likely and unhealthy behaviors people are saturated in. And also, more than likely what spills out when life gets tough.

As is the mission of my blog, which is to promote wellness, and assist those in search of ways to be better versions of themselves, it’s important to be mindful of who and what we surround ourselves with, and how we are managing our lives while in calm waters.

My recommendation will always be good people, good deeds, and a desire to seek out knowledge brings out the best in all of us. I truly believe that if this is how you’re spending your time, when life bumps you in the arm, more than likely, you’ll barely even notice.

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