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Season 1

This Way Out (S1E1) - Vanessa Mata

For this kind of project where my goal is to get good stories about good people, it only makes sense that my wife, Vanessa, be the first to be interviewed. She's overcome so much, and still finds a way to make a difference. 

(February 28, 2019)

This Way Out (S1E3) - Tate Mikell

In Episode 3 of "This Way Out" I sit with Tate Mikell. Eagle Scout, Citadel Alumni, former Charleston PD, aneurism survivor, and now 3-time Special Olympics Gold Medalist.

(March 18, 2019)

This Way Out (S1E5) - Lanear Brown (Part 1)

In this week's episode, I visit with a very good friend of mine, Lanear Brown. During our visit, Lanear shares how a passion he discovered in the military, and the experience of a car accident, would put him on a path to helping others.

(March 31, 2019)

This Way Out (S1E7) - Jessica Wilkes

In this episode of "This Way Out," I sit wit former Air Force Combat Camera journalist, Jessica Wilkes. Jessica experienced and documented the darkest corners of the war in Iraq. Experiences that still give her trouble today. She shares how her relationship with her father played a major role in her journey of reconnecting with civilian life and ultimately cemented her own relationship with her daughter.

(April 22, 2019)

This Way Out (S1E9) - Daniel Crayton

In the first Skype interview for "This Way Out," my guest is an old friend from my time in the military, Daniel Crayton. Daniel speaks openly of the turbulent history with his father, his internal struggle with being open about his sexuality, and the difficulty of finding work after his time in the military. He explains how he believes the trials he experienced gave him the confidence to explore something he never previously considered. Stand-up comedy. Daniel Crayton Stand-Up Comedy Link: You can also follow Daniel on Instagram, @lawrencephotos

(June 7, 2019)

This Way Out (S1E11) - Candice Amburgey

In this episode of "This Way Out," my guest is Candice Amburgey. Candice lives the kind of life that is becoming more and more common in our country. That of a single parent. In her interview, she speaks openly about what she thinks ended her marriage, and also how she worries about whether a healthy relationship can exist between her ex-husband and their daughter. Candice also talks about how her parents supported her through the process, and how that support played a key role toward her earning a college degree.

(June 30, 2019)

This Way Out (S1E13) - Lanear Brown (Part 2)

In episode 13 of "This Way Out," we revisit Lanear Brown, as he shares what it was like to be bullied as a kid in a South Chicago suburb and how that coupled with difficulties at home. He talks about the lessons he learned early in his career in the military, losses of his older brother and father who each took their own lives, and the pride he has in his mother's strength.

(June 24, 2019)

This Way Out (S1E15) - Ian Braddock

In this episode of "This Way Out," I sit down with my friend Ian Braddock. Ian shares what it was like to experience the divorce of his parents when he was only nine years old, and also how the complexities of that moment affected his teenage behavior. Later, Ian would join the Marine Corps, and learn that he has a genuine interest in the needs of others, enjoys helping, and having answers. Because of that, and after his military discharge, Ian is working towards a law degree with the overall goal of someday holding public office.

(August 13, 2019)

This Way Out (S1E2) - Jessica Huger

I sit with Jessica Huger as she shares a little bit about her personal life, the challenges she faced while in the Army, and her goals for the future. Follow Jessica and Terrell on Instagram  

(March 11, 2019)

This Way Out (S1E4) - Matthew Morris

My guest, Matthew Morris, openly discusses his bouts with depression and the dark places it took him. He goes on to explain that, although he continues to battle a seemingly tireless foe, he is inspired to make a difference in the lives of other people.

(March 24, 2019)

This Way Out (S1E6) - Al Simmons

In this episode, my guest is Deacon Alfred "Al" Simmons. Deacon Simmons shares his story of surviving the streets, overcoming his struggles with alcohol, and his realization that God was with him the whole way.

(April 7, 2019)

This Way Out (S1E8) - John Rhoton

In this episode of "This Way Out," I sit down with John Rhoton. At first, John did not think he had a story worth sharing, but, as it turns out, he has one of the most interesting stories I have ever heard. While in high school, John contemplated dropping out, but a very special teacher would intervene and encourage him to finish. John would go on to join the service, work as a hospital security officer, and then a respected emergency medical technician. Each of which would take a toll on his mental health.

(May 12, 2019)

This Way Out (S1E10) - Janice Carter

In this episode of "This Way Out," I visit with nurse turned entrepreneur, Janice Carter. Janice shares her story of teenage pregnancy, personal loss, and other various challenges that came with balancing military reserve commitments, a nursing career, motherhood and marriage. A life of ups and downs for sure, but one she's determined to make the most of with a smile on her face and God at her side.


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(June 22, 2019)

This Way Out (S1E12) - Michael Thomas

In episode 12 of "This Way Out," my guest is Michael Thomas. Michael talks about how his enlistment in the military was a result of poor choices he made early on in his college years. However, it would be his military experience that would eventually get him hired as a survival training instructor in Hawaii. Thomas also shares the story of a relationship with a childhood friend that eventually turned into marriage.

(July 14, 2019)

This Way Out (S1E14) - Ben Killoy

In episode 14 of "This Way Out," my guest is Ben Killoy. Ben was like many of us growing up with insecurities and bullies. And with no real dominant male figure in his life, Ben found it especially difficult to navigate his adolescent years. What he did have was a very loving grandmother which he credits for much of his success he finds today. After a stent in the Marine Corps, Ben Killoy has dedicated himself to sharpening his skills in leadership, mentorship, and public speaking. As the host of the podcast, "Military Veteran Dad," he uses those skills to help active-duty and prior service fathers reconnect with their families.

Amazon E-Book: 5 Steps for Achieving an Authentic Life 

Click here to check out Ben Killoy's podcast: Military Veteran Dad

(July 31, 2019)

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