S2E1 - Vanessa Smallsbryant

Dr. Vanessa Smallsbryant has been in a fight with breast cancer for over five years. Even now while in remission, the former Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, is having to overcome the physical and psychological scars that came from battling the disease. In this episode, she shares her source of strength, some of her insecurities, and how she's using her experience to teach others about resilience, fortitude, and self-worth. You can visit her website, https://empowerradicaltruth.org/, to learn more about her current mission Empower Radical Truth.

S2E2 - Larry Gardner

For a time, Larry Gardner was like most people who struggle with controlling their weight, hopeless and cynical. With hits to his self-esteem, his spirit, and then finally his heart, he conceded that it would be an issue he would deal with for the remainder of his life. Until, at the "suggestion" of his wife, he found a program that finally worked.

S2E3 (Part 1) - Will Matthis

Will Matthis would be the first to admit that he's made some bad choices. But it would be a series of choices involving one person that would put him in a spiral resulting in his becoming homeless and then wrongfully imprisoned. In my best attempt at doing his story justice, we had to tell it in two parts.

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