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Season 2

This Way Out (S2E1) - Vanessa Smallsbryant

Dr. Vanessa Smallsbryant has been in a fight with breast cancer for over five years. Even now while in remission, the former Air Force Chief Master Sergeant is having to overcome the physical and psychological scars that came from battling the disease. In this episode, she shares her source of strength, some of her insecurities, and how she's using her experience to teach others about resilience, fortitude, and self-worth. You can visit her website,, to learn more about her current mission "Empower Radical Truth."

(January 28, 2020)

This Way Out (S2E3)[Pt1] - Will Matthis

Will Matthis would be the first to admit that he's made some bad choices. But it would be a series of choices involving one person that would put him in a spiral resulting in his becoming homeless and then wrongfully imprisoned. In my best attempt at doing his story justice, we had to tell it in two parts.

(March 3, 2020)

This Way Out (S2E4) - Marek Rudak

Like many of us, Marek Rudak worked hard to maintain a good facade that hid the troubles of his youth. And by most accounts, he was doing quite well.


An immigrant from Poland, a graduate of West Point, Army Ranger and paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne, and project worker for ExxonMobil; it appeared he had everything under control.


Unfortunately, when his marriage fell apart and ended in divorce, Marek's spirit followed suit, and he sank to a place few come back from.


But he did, and he's dedicated himself to helping men who have experienced similar challenges through both a faith based therapy program he developed, and by writing a book called "The Love Driven Man."

Marek Rudak website:

(June 1, 2020)

This Way Out (S2E6) - Lily Dagdag

Like many military spouse's, Lily Dagdag found herself in a struggle to define her identity beyond that of a wife and mother. She discovered it in a website design startup business she established with her twin sister, Patricia.


In addition to finding something she could call her own, Lily also found a little bit of therapy for some of the mental health challenges she's dealt with since she was a young girl. Her story is both interesting and inspiring!


Lily and Patricia have set a goal for themselves in 2020 to help 100 military spouses start businesses of their own. Visit their websites or to learn more!

(Juy 2, 2020)

This Way Out (S2E2) - Larry Gardner

For a time, Larry Gardner was like most people who struggle with controlling their weight, hopeless and cynical. With hits to his self-esteem, his spirit, and then finally his heart, he conceded that it would be an issue he would deal with for the remainder of his life. Until, at the "suggestion" of his wife, he found a program that finally worked.

(February 11, 2020)

This Way Out (S2E3)[Pt 2] - Will Matthis

In part two of my interview with Will Matthis, he shares about how he managed to stay resilient even after his time being homeless, and wrongful conviction, and his father's sudden passing of brain cancer. He explains that it was faith that kept him moving forward, and that eventually things for him began turning around. He remarried, started a family, and managed financial stability despite, he would say in spite of, what seemingly could have been construed as a hopeless situation.

(March 12, 2020)

This Way Out (S2E5) - Mayra Henley

In this episode, I visit with an old friend from my days on active duty, Mayra Henley. Mayra was someone I knew to be very confident and outgoing. However, she shares that following her separation from the Air Force, and a dramatic end to a lengthy relationship, her self esteem and confidence were impacted such that she chose to disconnect herself from society.

As "luck" would have it, she would find healing thru the discovery of a soul mate, starting a family, an introduction to farm living, and, curiously enough the art of reading Tarot cards.

If you feel you would like to contact Mayra for a reading, she can be found on Instagram: @magicdoor.tarot

(June 8, 2020)

This Way Out (S2E7) - Janessa Leatherwood

As a transgender woman, Janessa Leatherwood, has faced a unique set of challenges that go back to when she was a young man named Josh.


In this episode, Janessa shares some of those challenges, to include educating me about what it's like to experience gender dysphoria.


She goes on to explain that, only recently, has she gotten to a point in her life where she feels like herself.  She now has a positive outlook on the future.

(July 9, 2020)

This Way Out (S2E8) - Velvet Kat

An aspiring entrepreneur and "YouTuber," Angelica Chavez (aka. Velvet Kat), incorporates advice, affirmations, messages of positivity in her videos and her art & fashion business.


Motivated by her own life challenges, "Kat" makes it a point to try and inspire others to reach for their goals, to view their obstacles as learning opportunities, and to promote a message that there is power in kindness and community.


Click here to visit her YouTube page "Velvet Kat"

(July 13, 2020)

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